Dog Walking

Dog Boarding
May 8, 2014

Dog Walking

There are so many great

reasons to employ the services of a dog walker and so many great dog-walking companies to choose from.

So why choose Rumble & Bark?

Well, if they could, the dogs in our care would tell you to choose Rumble & Bark because we have fantastic adventures in parks and on beaches.

We run, we swim, we stroll in the sun and relax in the shade. We have an endless supply of cuddles and make sure that every dog goes home happy.

Their owners would tell you to choose Rumble & Bark because we’re reliable, professional, trustworthy and sensible and that we love and care for the dogs as much as any owner could wish.

Why do we think you should choose Rumble & Bark? Well, the answer is simple: it’s because we really, really love what we do and that love is reflected in the dog’s behaviour – they go home happy, relaxed, calm and socialised – and that makes us feel very, very good.

So join us for a walk and see for yourself why Rumble & Bark is the perfect choice for Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs dogs and their owners.